What do the Super Bowl Game Programs actually contain?

If you haven’t got one before, you might be wondering what the game programs actually talk about. Sure enough, they will provide the background to the two teams and the game ahead, but when the programs are between 200 to 300 pages long, you might not be aware of all the other content that is packed in.

Of course, there is the advertising. Even among all the American national sports leagues, the NFL is the most commercial. It is the professional sports league that generates the most revenue in the world and as you probably know already putting an ad on Super Bowl television networks during the game itself is the most costly form of advertising, largely due to the absolutely staggering viewership. While the H.O. Zimman certainly does not gain similar figures of readership, it is nevertheless a popular publication that is read. The advertisements are usually geared towards younger males, with the likes of sporting products, vehicles and cologne.

History of the Super Bowl and history specific to the teams involved is also common. Many people are already familiar with the teams involved and their coaching staff etc. but some of the extra trivia that is included is a nice touch. This usually comes with personal stories or recollections of previous encounters, and frequently includes interviews with Super Bowl heroes. Although I haven’t read most of the game program issues I have back to front, these are the articles I find most engaging and timeless.

Surrounding a Super Bowl game is usually a ton of hype. It isn’t just about the teams, there’s also the half time performances, big name sponsors and drama that brews. This is usually covered in detail, as well.

More recently, the Super Bowl game program goes into the NFL’s commitment to wider societal issues. With so much money flowing in, the NFL really have a duty to give back to the community. Their work with various charity organizations like United Way demonstrate social responsibility and the details of the work carried out is described by the game program. Another form of ‘giving back’ is through children’s football training, be it through football sports camps or NFL Combine preparation through a Jump Manual.

To get a better idea, you can access some of the more recent game programs online. Here is a link to the 48th game program.